In a recently published article on Politics Home, Lord Chadlington applauds the recent voluntary commitment from several casino and betting companies to help fund programs to prevent gambling addiction.

What happened?

Five gambling operators pulled together and committed to raising their financial support by 1000%, from today’s 0.1% of gross gaming revenue to 1% of GGR. This means that just the funds from these 5 operators will be close to £60 million per year.

However, if all the smaller operators would raise their voluntary support as well, the RET (Research, Education & Treatment for Gambling) would receive well above £150 million a year.

Why are the casino operators doing this?

Many of us probably think this is a rather costly stunt they pull due to the recent regulatory fines that have been shaking the industry.

Casinos and betting companies are really afraid to make mistakes that might cost them multiple million pounds, and instead, they try to get on the good side of the UKGC.

However, this might not entirely be the truth.

The gambling companies suffer a lot of bad press from poor treatment of problem gamblers, and they know by doing more good, the public will like them for it.

If online gambling gets a bad reputation (or worse than today), people might stop playing. This is not in the interest of the betting operators.

Ways to stop Gambling

Gambling is not for everyone. This is a fact known to man for centuries, and blocking yourself from Gambling have until now been almost impossible.

With today’s technology, this is, however, 100% possible.

Top ways to self-exclude from casinos

  1. Gamstop. Self-excluding with the help of the Gamstop scheme will block you from all UK licenced operators. However, there are non Gamstop casino operators that are not included.
  2. Gamban. Also a good option, that covers more than just the UK.
  3. NetNanny. A great tool that can help you block everything from betting sites to online shopping websites.