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top free spins offers
Casino bonuses 11-11-2019

Guide: How to choose the best free spins

Free spins campaigns are some of the oldest bonuses on online casinos, and they data back over 15 years. So what are free spins? Well, obviously, they are spins on slot machines that you don’t pay for, ie they are free. What many don’t know, is that free spins comes in many different shapes and […]

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forfeitable casino bonuses
Casino bonuses 23-07-2019

All you need to know about forfeitable casino bonuses

Today on we’re going to explain what forfeitable casino bonuses are, and why so many players (yours truly included) love them. To start off, we need to go back a few steps and explain the term “casino bonuses”. What is a casino bonus? A casino bonus is a promotion run by online gambling sites. […]

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